My favorite time of the year for crafting

I  love crafting all year long, but especially this time of the year!  If you’re anything like me, there’s something about the holidays that makes doing crafts feel extra special.  I don’t always know who I am making things for but eventually it all works out.  I keep some things for my family and friends and sell some at craft fairs and I even donate some things as well which makes me feel even better around the holidays.




Crocheting for Camp friends

While camping last year, I got a new neighbor.  We talked alot and I found out she really likes homemade items.  I showed her some of the things I have crocheted and she fell in love with some of the items I was making.  She asked if I would make some items for her and she would pay me.  I ended up making her scarfs for her bosses, scarfs with hats & mittens for her neiices.  I also made her a sweater, hat and booties for her friends baby.  She came to my camper and saw the afghan I made for my camper and said “I just have to have one”!  She told me she wanted one but it would have to wait until after Christmas, I asked what color and I made it and I am just waiting till May 1 when camp opens to give it to her.  I just can’t wait till camp opens!

Quick fix for older campground hookups

If you happen to visit an older campground that has sewer hoses that are 3″ instead of the newer ones that have 4″ pipes.

There is a fix that can be used once due to the trick uses a styrofoam cup that will only last for one dump..  Here is the fix so you can still use your sewer hose.  First you take the bottom off the styrofoam cup.  Then take the rubber piece that holds your sewer hose (from the camper to the sewer) and put the styrofoam cup into the rubber piece then put it back into the sewer and you will be able to dump your sewer tank.


I’m even looking forward to cleanup!

As the days get closer I find myself getting so excited that I am even looking forward to doing the initial cleanup!  Of course I cannot rake but I am so looking forward to rubbing down the cabinets, cleaning out the lines (running the water from all faucets until the pink is gone), sweeping the floors, making the beds, and best of all putting up all my knick knacks!

When I am done with all the inside stuff that I can do, I will make a fire and bring my chair over by the fire and bring one of the many crocheting projects I am working on and do my two favorite things CAMPING AND CRAFTS.

Can’t wait till May first!

So the days are going by so slowly now because we are close to camp opening.  We have started buying little things every time we go to the store.  Toothbrushes, toothpaste, liquid soap, spices and jello for the jello shots of course we cannot forget those!  Remember to get yourself a few gallons of water to use until you are sure the antifreeze is out of all the lines.

I am crocheting a new afghan for the bed.  Just want to add a splash of color.  After a few years you might just like to change something small just to make it a little different but make it seem new.  Know what I mean?

I am not expecting my granddaughters to be coming to camp that much this year.  They are going to be 15 and 17 and we all know what that means,,, boyfriends!  But because they won’t be here that much I can change their room around to suit me. When they do come we do have tents and air mattresses.  That is probably better for them anyway because they stay up all night talking and on their phones. As I have said before, I do a lot of crafts and now I can make that guest room, my craft room as well.

I am even looking forward to cleaning up the site.  There will be branches down on the site because of the storms we got this past winter, pine needles and pine cones (we can use these to start fires).  We know there is no damage to our camper because my husband goes down during the winter to make sure!

I hope the herring that lives in our pond is still there.  We have a Herring that stays in the pond that abuts our site.  He is huge.  I really love to see him come out of the water and walk around my campsite where he eats all the birdseed.  Once last season, we watched him catch 2 fish and then he came up onto my site and ate a baby bird and a chipmunk and a lot of birdseed, then went back to his little perch in the pond and preceded to eat 2 more fish!  I couldn’t believe he could eat that much!

It’s almost time to go Camping!!!!!!


We only have 49 days until camp opens!  There is a lot to do but if you are like us, you’ve already started getting ready.  Even though we leave our camper at the campsite, there are still things we should be doing throughout the winter.  Instead of running out the week before camp opens and get all the supplies and food we need, we do a little at a time maybe just get 1 or 2  item each shopping trip.  It adds up fast!  You don’t realize just how much you need at camp.  (Remember you had to take anything that could freeze home at the end of last season in case it froze and burst, what a mess).  So we keep all the freezable items that won’t go bad in a box so we can just move them back into the camper.  But you still need a lot… food, drinks, sponges, towels, sheets, pillows, dish detergent, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes and don’t forget.  Once we get all the essentials put away, the first thing we like to do is clean and wax the camper and get all the winter dirt off.   To clean the awning we use the “Mr. Clean Magic Erasers” they take all the sap and tree pitch off without having to scrub as hard and it doesn’t hurt the awning.  Then you can basically take your time putting out all you decorations (bird houses, lights, we use a dartboard, or any outside games, and  chairs, (tablecloths if you want to use them).  Once you put everything away, you are done and can relax get a drink and visit your “camp family”.  Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!